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There’s been quite a bit of progress made here at RSF, as of late.  I’ve acquired a new source of CF to SD adapters that allows for UHS1 speeds.  What does this mean for you?  You will get the fastest transfer speeds possible between your retroMod and your computer.  I’ve also researched how to tear the adapter apart to get it as thin as possible, so that I can fit it inside a retroMod mini and still fit the audiophile-grade capacitors inside the housing with it.

In even more exciting news than that – I have found a potential source for 256GB SD cards.  I’ve ordered a sample to test installation on a retroMod mini model, and I should have the sample in a couple of weeks for testing.  If it turns out to work well, I’ll be offering only two different capacities of all the retroMods sold at RSF – just 128GB and 256GB.  If it doesn’t turn out to work, I’ll be switching to selling only 128GB models.

Bear with me while I bring up the stock again, but rest assured you will be seeing some awesome products being produced at RSF very soon!