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I’ve had an overwhelming response from people that they want iPod 3G models from RetroSonicFidelity.  Well, folks, that day is nearly here!  I’ve been working very hard to figure out how to get brand new storage mediums to load up the iPod OS on an iPod 3G model.  Today, I finally cracked it.

No, I didn’t actually crack an iPod, but I figured out how to get (likely) any storage medium to work.  My first success was with a dual-platter 60GB HDD I found on Amazon.  It was marketed to be an iPod replacement, but that doesn’t really matter, as long as it has 50 pins and an IDE connector.  This one did, so I figured it out.

retroMod 3G 60GB

I got the 60GB HDD to work, and I also got a 64GB SD card to work.  The downside to an SD card is that the transfer rates are PAINFULLY slow.  I don’t want to sell any product that performs any less than outstandingly, so I probably won’t offer the IDE -> CF -> SD iPod 3G at RetroSonicFidelity.  It doesn’t scream with performance, so I’m not down.

Only Audiophile Quality

My first batch of iPod 3G models is only six deep.  After some soldering adventures, I’ll only have an initial quantity of five to offer online, so I figured, why not just make them all retroMods?  So as of approximately five days from now, you’ll be introduced to the retroMod 3G model.

retroMod 3G 60GB

The “retroMod” line of iPods at RSF includes iPods that have been retrofitted with Audiophile quality capacitors, and in the case of the iPod 3G, a high pass filter was also implemented – all inside the iPod.

I took an initial listen to the retroMod 3G 60GB, and I have to say, I’m incredibly impressed with its sound.  I like it even more than the sound from the retroMod minis (likely due to its high pass filter), so I might just have to keep one of them for myself!

Yes, Rockbox (FLAC goodness)

That’s right; you heard me correctly.  I have already installed Rockbox on the first retroMod 3G, and I see no reason to not offer it on all of them.  With gapless playback and FLAC support, you really might want Rockbox on any player before the 5th generation iPod (which introduced gapless playback).  Although I’ve only tested out my 320kbps mp3 files on it, I’m sure plenty of people will be happy to have Rockbox on a classic, hot-looking iPod.

Remember, I don’t offer any support for the Rockbox software.  If you purchase an RSF retroMod with Rockbox and have issues with Rockbox, you’ll need to get support from the folks over at Rockbox and their respective forums.

Availability Starting Next Week!

I’ll be ordering more CF cards (I’ll give the 128GB cards another shot) for the retroMod 3G models.  Until then, the 60GB HDD model will go on sale after its 100-hour burn-in.  The great thing about these retroMod 3G models is that they have brand new front face plates and rear metal housings.  I even left the plastic on the rear metal housing!  These almost qualify as a collector’s item!

retroMod 3G 60GB

Don’t forget, if you want to get your High Fidelity on right now, you can always pick up one of the retroMod mini models from our store!