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Well, this project is more of a result of my own needs.  I’ve recently upgraded all of my 128kbps music to 256kbps using iTunes Match.  Yes, I sadly had 128kbps music – but that’s beyond the point!  It’s upgraded now!  And with that, the music I want to carry with me at all times is finally more than 30GB.  Add in my audiobooks, and it’s hovering around 45-50GB.

Since I was using a blue retroMod mini 32GB, I definitely need an upgrade.  I would have upgraded the mini I was using, but it has a CF card in it, and I want to put an SD card in whatever comes next; thus, retroMod 5G.

Elna Silmic II capacitors, 20Hz HPF (high-pass filter) for each channel, and a UHS-1 64GB SD card (yeah, I don’t need 128GB… yet).  So without further ado, here is the very first retroMod 5G.